05 April 2010

Faith Manifests

Leaving for Haiti today. It finally sunk in last night. There is a well of emotions.

For years we have known what our eventual goals were. We knew, they knew, you knew. Everybody knew. We had faith for it. We did it all. We "sowed where we wanted to go." We "prayed out" the words of knowledge and prophecy. We kept our focus. We believed. We got training. We educated ourselves.

And suddenly, (one of God's favorite words), here it is - TODAY. I am stepping into our destiny.

On the other side, there will be an anointing I've never encountered. There will be a faith that is stronger. There will be a hunger that is bigger. There will be a love that is greater.

It's here.

It's now.

My faith is manifesting - NOW.

Be encouraged - it does manifest.


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