18 April 2010

The Intro

We got to take part in an awesome presentation of the Haiti project at OLCC today. God was in the house and worked miracles in the sight of His people. Their hearts have been touched by the needs of the Haitian people. We are confident that God continues to open the doors for this work. His yoke truly has been easy in all of this and His burden light. We are so happy to see the family at OLCC come on board with the vision for the work in Haiti. We continue to pray for the needs of the people. We continue to pray for the property in Jérémie. God is on the move. We are that move of God!

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Mama in Uganda said...

Thanks for your recent comment--I took off the "giving" post as I am always worried that I will come across the wrong way. You see, the Lord told us to live by faith...With that said, many blog readers asked about giving/sending us packages and therefore the post was sharing about how that IS possible and how to go about it. What do you think, should I re-post it?

Love from the North.
Mama in Uganda