30 August 2010

You've Heard it Before...

..."Delays are not denials".

In the interest of keeping things flowing in an orderly fashion, we, along with our leaders have agreed to delay our departure.  We will update you with a new date when it's set.  It won't be long.  There are some issues with our business that need to be settled before we leave and Bishop McIver agreed.  We are so grateful to have a man of God with great wisdom.  We are thankful that he causes a relief of stress so easily.

Please pray for a smooth transition in the business arena.

23 August 2010

Two Weeks

The reality has set in.  In 2 weeks, my family and I will be in the air headed for Haiti.  There is still an immense amount of preparation to be done.  Please pray for wisdom and guidance in decisions.

To make a contribution, please visit our webpage at www.johnandperla.com and visit the support page.  We are currently in need of $3500.00 before September 1st.


21 August 2010

The Countdown Begins

At the writing of this, I am in the air returning from Haiti. 

It was such a great trip.  I was able to meet two other board members.  I was sincerely touched by their genuine concern for the vision of Christian Haitian Outreach and its founder Eleanor "Mom" Workman.  We are clearly all of one heart and mind in this work.  It was good also to meet others who desire the best for the Haitian children.

We will be working with CHO at its orphanage in Mariani.  We will be doing our initial training there.

I was able to finalize some preparations for our future residence.  Elijah and Cecilia have some "thank you"s to give to the men who will be working on dividing the one space so that they will not have to share a room.  And the whole Sweeney family will be very grateful for the changes that will be made in anticipation of our arrival.

I was overwhelmed by the reception that I received from the staff once the news was presented that my family and I would be returning.  I was literally gang-rushed with hugs and "God bless you"s.  I look forward to working with them.

I get very emotional when I think of the children with which I have already begun to make a connection.  Dr Franco introduced me at their Wednesday prayer time.  It was mentioned that I would be returning in 3 weeks.  The next day when I was saying good-bye, several of the boys were talking and I heard them mention "trois semans".  I smiled and said, "Oui, trois semans" or "Yes, 3 weeks".  They were happy to see someone go who they knew was coming back soon to live with them. 

I also received our job description for our time at CHO.  Perhaps I'll share that later.  Suffice it to say that it suits us very well.

If you are keeping up with the blog, please comment from time to time.  We would love to hear from you.  Please pray for the transition of our business here in the US when you think of us. 

Next time I will post some photos from this trip.

Au Revoir.

18 August 2010

September 7th

That's our date of departure.  Please continue to pray for all to fall into place with our business and transition.  We thank you.  We look forward to updating you from Haiti once we are settled.

06 August 2010

Her Children Arise Up and Call Her Blessed.

Her children arise up, and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praiseth her.
Proverbs 31:28

In the midst of all of the preparations for our departure, we have found an oasis of rest.


We are so grateful to my mother for opening her home and heart this week.  It has been such an incredible blessing to be able to come to North Carolina and forget about (almost) everything that is so very pending.  If I were to list all the goals that must be attained between now and September, this would be a boring post for you.  

I know also that partially she wanted us here before we go - for herself.  We are really enjoying the time with her and have had the chance to make some great memories.  We have also been able to share the vision for the work in Haiti.  She is reading "Hope For Haiti" for a little history and we've been able to alleviate (hopefully) some of her concerns.  

It's been such a relaxing day that I almost don't want to go back home.  But in our reality show, vacations don't last forever.

I'm glad Mom was able to experience our family in this stage of life, in this transition to the next level.  On the home front, things are moving so quickly that I think I am going to blink and find myself in Haiti.

Thanks, Mom for such a great time.  I hope you were as blessed by this time together as much as we have been.

I arise up and call you "Blessed"