24 October 2010

From Elijah - Another Must Read

The following entry is from Elijah.  He recently shared some things with me that blessed my father-heart and I asked him to share it on the blog.  I hope you will be as blessed as I was. 
- John 

Before I came to Haiti, my Dad asked me if I believed it was the will of God for us to go. I said, "Yes". After I came to Haiti I wanted to go home. I was homesick. I missed my dog and I still miss my dog.

I cried the first night. 

After a while, I got used to Haiti. I was glad I came to Haiti because I got new friends, I like the food and I learned about complaining.

I learned that what ever you have- be thankful for it. I also learned that some people don't have their own clothes; they share clothes but they are thankful for it. I learned that when you don't have something you really want, but you have something be thankful for it. For example, every other night these kids watch a movie, but for three nights in a row they didn't have sound, just subtitles. They were still thankful for it. They don't have a Nintendo DS; they just have Mancala, which they play with rocks and chalk.  In America we play it with a board and marbles, but they are still thankful for it. 

In conclusion, stop complaining and be thankful. That's what I have learned.

09 October 2010

From Cecilia - A Must Read

A New Perspective

Yesterday was my second Friday here in Mariani, Haiti. As the sun was starting to go down, I sat on the balcony gazing out at the entire orphanage. My legs were crossed as they swung from the balcony seat. Looking far out I could see the dark blue ocean; a little closer I saw a field. Looking right down was the church where people had gathered for prayer. I could hear them singing over my playing ipod. The group stopped singing and someone began to speak. At this point a song called, "We Will Trust You" was beginning to play on the mp3. It starts out:
"How precious is your heart, oh God
Righteous and true
Gaze on me with infinite tenderness
I surrender to you
Master of wind and raging tide..."

I suddenly was taken by the trust that the people of Haiti have for God; their complete surrender to Him. As the song played and the prayers of the people in the church escaped into my ears, I began to pray.

Just two weeks ago I was worried about whether or not I would have enough hair product to last me the trip. The night before I left I was torn by the fact that, due to a lack of room in my luggage, I wouldn't be able to bring a sentimental pair of shoes. Now looking back, the word that comes to mind is, "pointless." It's not so much that I appreciate all the things I've been blessed to have, but rather, "What is the use?"

I urge you to seek a new perspective. Being thankful for what you have is great and good, but how big is your trust in God? 

Can you sing to Him when you have nothing? 

Have you truly surrendered it all to Him? 

Become raw before God and find the priceless value of Him.

07 October 2010

The Girls Prayed the Power Back On

Each night when the city power goes off, the girls instantly start singing.  Their rooms are right under our window, so we get serenaded nightly.  It's much easier to sleep in Haiti if you're a 'blanc' and you have air conditioning or fans.  Tonight when the power went off, they started in right away with "Shout to the Lord" (in Creole), then they paused to pray.  After the prayer, they started "Lord, I Give You My Heart".

The following recording is that song.  And at about :31, you can hear our air conditioner go on as the city power kicked back in.

Thanks girls!

It's Not All About the Sunsets - But WOW, They are Something Else

No, it's actually all about the children.  One week, here and your own life in the States will be nearly meaningless.  Vanity, vanity, everything is vanity - a chasing after the wind.

I am amazed at these children.  Their voices.  Their smiles.  Their beauty.  Their patience.  I will post more pics of them later.  I am also going to get a good recording of their worship.  They pray and worship twice a day and LOVE it.  Oh, please come on a missions trip with OLCC.  We fall asleep at night to the girls on the floor below us singing worship songs.

I played a version of monkey in the middle soccer style today.  I was not very good.  I also learned a card game.  I don't know what it's called nor am I sure of the rules, but it was fun!  Leonard always grabs my hand when he sees me going outside.  He just goes and sits with me.  He likes to to sit with us because we just let him be.  He's so cute all the other kids are always grabbing him squeezing him, pulling him,  making him do things - we just let him sit - he sits and watches.  He's 4.  He's a watcher.

Perla played a version of hide and seek today.  They all found her.  And they called her Mama.  That makes her cry.

We Skyped with Fonzie and Laurel.  That made Elijah miss Fonzie even more.  Me too.  He's the best doggie.

I'll post more pics of the kids.  In the meantime, Check out this sunset.

And Ethecie, Judnesse says "Hi!"

06 October 2010

"Getting to Know You..."

I spent a good four or five hours today just sitting under 'the tree', learning and rehearsing the boys names.  I am having difficulty with only a few because they sound so alike;  Gerardson, Jameson, Jamson, Edmondson & Davidson.  The rest I can pretty much remember.  But every time I think I have it, along comes one I've never met - or several; Miloso, Israel, Nerry....and the list goes on.  And there's the twins; Makin and Mackenzie.  Then the girls wanted in on it too.  I told them, "Let me learn the boys first.  Then I'll get to the girls."

OK so back to 'the tree'.  The tree is situated sort of near the entrance and has a wall around it.  It's a large tree.  I always thought people sat there when they were bored, but we found out it's actually the coolest place on the campus.  Not only does the tree provide shade, but the sea breeze shoots right up the 'alley' between the church and the wall.  Very nice spot.

The kids are downstairs watching Wall-E now.  Long hot day.  I'll post some pics on the Facebook Missionary Page tomorrow.  They take too long to upload to blogger.