09 October 2010

From Cecilia - A Must Read

A New Perspective

Yesterday was my second Friday here in Mariani, Haiti. As the sun was starting to go down, I sat on the balcony gazing out at the entire orphanage. My legs were crossed as they swung from the balcony seat. Looking far out I could see the dark blue ocean; a little closer I saw a field. Looking right down was the church where people had gathered for prayer. I could hear them singing over my playing ipod. The group stopped singing and someone began to speak. At this point a song called, "We Will Trust You" was beginning to play on the mp3. It starts out:
"How precious is your heart, oh God
Righteous and true
Gaze on me with infinite tenderness
I surrender to you
Master of wind and raging tide..."

I suddenly was taken by the trust that the people of Haiti have for God; their complete surrender to Him. As the song played and the prayers of the people in the church escaped into my ears, I began to pray.

Just two weeks ago I was worried about whether or not I would have enough hair product to last me the trip. The night before I left I was torn by the fact that, due to a lack of room in my luggage, I wouldn't be able to bring a sentimental pair of shoes. Now looking back, the word that comes to mind is, "pointless." It's not so much that I appreciate all the things I've been blessed to have, but rather, "What is the use?"

I urge you to seek a new perspective. Being thankful for what you have is great and good, but how big is your trust in God? 

Can you sing to Him when you have nothing? 

Have you truly surrendered it all to Him? 

Become raw before God and find the priceless value of Him.

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fashiondeluxe375 said...

I absolutely love you Cecilia! Thank you for the inspiration and revelation. That completely agrees with my spirit and everything I have been learning here at Rhema. I miss you :)