24 October 2010

From Elijah - Another Must Read

The following entry is from Elijah.  He recently shared some things with me that blessed my father-heart and I asked him to share it on the blog.  I hope you will be as blessed as I was. 
- John 

Before I came to Haiti, my Dad asked me if I believed it was the will of God for us to go. I said, "Yes". After I came to Haiti I wanted to go home. I was homesick. I missed my dog and I still miss my dog.

I cried the first night. 

After a while, I got used to Haiti. I was glad I came to Haiti because I got new friends, I like the food and I learned about complaining.

I learned that what ever you have- be thankful for it. I also learned that some people don't have their own clothes; they share clothes but they are thankful for it. I learned that when you don't have something you really want, but you have something be thankful for it. For example, every other night these kids watch a movie, but for three nights in a row they didn't have sound, just subtitles. They were still thankful for it. They don't have a Nintendo DS; they just have Mancala, which they play with rocks and chalk.  In America we play it with a board and marbles, but they are still thankful for it. 

In conclusion, stop complaining and be thankful. That's what I have learned.


mamaneeds2rant said...

That's awesome, Elijah. You are a wise and wonderful young man.

natalia said...


I am so proud of you, that is a wonderful lesson to learn at such an early age. I know the LORD is well pleased with you, and what you are learning now will be something you will always have for the rest of your life. You are in our prayers and Noah and Samuel and our family misses you very much !! We love you !! Nelson & Natalia & Hannah & Samuel & Noah

Joyce Procanyn said...

Elijah,thank you for the reminder! This should be sent to everyone in the USA...... we complain way to much and have so much to be thankful for! I am thankful for YOU! Love to you and your family! See you soon!