06 October 2010

"Getting to Know You..."

I spent a good four or five hours today just sitting under 'the tree', learning and rehearsing the boys names.  I am having difficulty with only a few because they sound so alike;  Gerardson, Jameson, Jamson, Edmondson & Davidson.  The rest I can pretty much remember.  But every time I think I have it, along comes one I've never met - or several; Miloso, Israel, Nerry....and the list goes on.  And there's the twins; Makin and Mackenzie.  Then the girls wanted in on it too.  I told them, "Let me learn the boys first.  Then I'll get to the girls."

OK so back to 'the tree'.  The tree is situated sort of near the entrance and has a wall around it.  It's a large tree.  I always thought people sat there when they were bored, but we found out it's actually the coolest place on the campus.  Not only does the tree provide shade, but the sea breeze shoots right up the 'alley' between the church and the wall.  Very nice spot.

The kids are downstairs watching Wall-E now.  Long hot day.  I'll post some pics on the Facebook Missionary Page tomorrow.  They take too long to upload to blogger.

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LBMissions said...

So, basically, if you call them all "son", you'll be half right!