07 October 2010

It's Not All About the Sunsets - But WOW, They are Something Else

No, it's actually all about the children.  One week, here and your own life in the States will be nearly meaningless.  Vanity, vanity, everything is vanity - a chasing after the wind.

I am amazed at these children.  Their voices.  Their smiles.  Their beauty.  Their patience.  I will post more pics of them later.  I am also going to get a good recording of their worship.  They pray and worship twice a day and LOVE it.  Oh, please come on a missions trip with OLCC.  We fall asleep at night to the girls on the floor below us singing worship songs.

I played a version of monkey in the middle soccer style today.  I was not very good.  I also learned a card game.  I don't know what it's called nor am I sure of the rules, but it was fun!  Leonard always grabs my hand when he sees me going outside.  He just goes and sits with me.  He likes to to sit with us because we just let him be.  He's so cute all the other kids are always grabbing him squeezing him, pulling him,  making him do things - we just let him sit - he sits and watches.  He's 4.  He's a watcher.

Perla played a version of hide and seek today.  They all found her.  And they called her Mama.  That makes her cry.

We Skyped with Fonzie and Laurel.  That made Elijah miss Fonzie even more.  Me too.  He's the best doggie.

I'll post more pics of the kids.  In the meantime, Check out this sunset.

And Ethecie, Judnesse says "Hi!"

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LBMissions said...

Sorry we made Elijah miss Fonzie. He misses all of you, as well. The reunion will be wonderful, though!

Love the kids for me, too!