16 November 2010


The email update is coming soon, but I wanted to say some things to those who are concerned for us.

Anyone who knows me would know that the incessant heat of a country only 18 degrees from the equator would have been enough to send me home.

The perpetual battle with intestinal fortitude isn't a joy ride either.

A cholera outbreak which is very literally at our front door should have sent me packing, right?

A tropical storm named Tomas certainly had me thinking.

Now, they're rioting in the streets.

On top of all of that, a now 17 year old daughter and soon to be 9 year old son who I know all too well are fighting their own issues of missing home.

A wife that stands by me and never waivers certainly helps all of that.

But why am I staying? Why are we still here? Why will we be here for a long time to come?

I have 76 reasons. And every day when I go to 'work', they hug me, they tell me they love me - they smile. And they're worth it all. I never knew I could receive so much love. Now, they call me Papa. Yes, that would be Papa John.

...and I know God sent me.


LBMissions said...

And that's all you need.

LBMissions said...

From the "Word to the Prayer School Students" on the bathroom wall :) Dated May 21, 2010:

God is feeding into us faith, faith, faith, faith, faith....

Why? In order to fulfill His plan in our life.

Soon and very soon, for some people a matter of months some things are going to come up, you're going to see it and God is going to tell you to do it! It's gonna look huge--a few years ago He couldn't have even brought it up to you because you wouldn't have even considered it. But now, you'll not only consider it, but say 'yes' we'll do it! We'll step out! Why? Because you have gotten bigger on the inside, you've increased, you've expanded, your faith has come up and you really do believe that all things are possible to him that believes!

John & Perla said...

So there was something up with our comment moderation and I just saw this today. Thanks for the reminder. I had forgotten about that bathroom wall writing. :-)