30 March 2010

7 Days

That's how many days are left before my first return trip to Haiti. I'll be going next week, along with the leadership of the church, to look at a property in Jeremie. The reality of entering this country at this time in its history is not lost. I understand the seriousness of the matter, but I am so excited. I am excited to see the property. I am excited to see the children in Mariani.

I am excited to be stepping into our destiny.

13 March 2010

In Haiti

Well, we're not actually IN Haiti yet.

We just received the news this week (officially) that we will be in Haiti, probably starting this summer, to help establish an orphanage, along with a school and church.

The property has nearly been obtained and we will be making some preliminary trips within the next month or so. We will be working under OLCC and its leadership in this area of ministry.

We covet your prayers and appreciate your support as we enter into this next phase of our lives, fulfilling our call.

We will post here as things progress.