30 January 2011

I am Proud of You

Today I had to learn a new phrase in Kreyol.

Often, there are times when I do not know how to say something in Kreyol and I just make do with what knowledge I have.  For example, if I had to tell someone to take something to someone, but didn't know how to say 'take', I may say, 'Pick this up and walk over to so-and-so and give it to him/her.'  It's a long way around, but it gets us there.

Other times, if I have to have a conversation with someone and don't have a translator available, we go to the computer together and google translates for us - Thanks google!

Today was different.

The older children were given a decision.  Orphanage children rarely have the opportunity to make their own decision, really.  Their lives are governed - and that's a good thing.  Without getting into too much detail, this was one of those decisions that was a difference between either right or not so right, but wasn't right OR not right - it was a faith matter.  Not making the 'right' decision didn't necessarily make them wrong.  It did show us about where their faith was, though.

Anyway, after talking to all the older children who had this opportunity,  two of them ended up deciding for the affirmative.  I was proud of them.  And I told them so.

Mwen menm fyé de ou.

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