12 January 2011

One Year Later

All day long, all you could hear was worship services, here and in the distance.  

There was very little traffic noise.  

There were no incessant beeping of horns - just worship.  

Then, at 4:53, everything fell silent.  White balloons lifted to the sky.  

Then, as suddenly as I imagine the earthquake hitting one year ago, you can hear roars of celebration from seemingly every corner of the earth.  

There's noise everywhere.  It's not in protest of some election gone wrong; but in celebration of some new life ahead.  You can hear it everywhere; young and old, rejoicing.  Drums, bells.  

The staff are wishing each other a 'Happy New Year'.  Aren't they a little late, you ask?  Nope.  Today begns their New Year.

One year ago, I was very glad I was not living in Haiti.

Right now, I'm glad I am.

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