02 March 2011

A Day in the Life.....Haïti Style

It's been an unusual couple of days.

Yesterday, I had planned to do about 4 things downtown, then come back and start our new 5 o'clock study with some of the children.  On our way downtown, we got a flat tire.  Since I knew we needed to buy a new tire anyway, I figured I would go get the tire put on after we changed the flat, since there was a place downtown that would do it 'right away'.  Then I could run some of the errands, even if not all and still make it back for 5 o'clock.

Sometimes my brain still makes plans like I'm in the states.

We got to the tire place.  Everything seemed to be running so smoothly.

Four. Hours. Later.

So then we're headed back home, because at this point, by the time I get to any of the places I had to go, they'll be closed.

Can you say "Rush hour traffic"?  In Haiti, it's called a 'blokus'.  And it did...block us.

I never got home in time for 5:00.

Today I got some of those errands done, along with some new items on the to-do list.

Here's what I saw these past 2 days: a Chinese lady telling off some guy in fluent creole....same lady yelling at someone on the phone in English...a UN made traffic jam on a road that EVERYONE KNOWS is under construction and you can't fit vehicles that wide down it, ever....a cellphone antenna painted 3 different colors depending on which company's equipment was placed where....a guy on inline skates in downtown Port-au-Prince....that takes talent....and several stages under construction for Carnaval.

Oh, did I mention there was an earthquake last night?

T.I.H. - This is Haiti.

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mcatherine said...

Before my visit I might have been a bit freaked out by your past 2 days....having been there...well TIH is perfect!