07 March 2011

It's All About the Shirt You Wear.....or Not.

There have probably been more clothing drives for Haiti over the years than you can shake a stick at.  There is a huge outdoor market in Port-au-Prince where ladies sit among hundreds of piles of clothing for sale.  Clearly there were a lot of misdirected shipments from the clothing drive at First Church of What's Happening Now.

But in a place where it is sometimes a challenge to find levity, the clothing drives have also provided missionaries with an occasional chuckle; once you get past the fact that the people have nothing else to wear.

Today, I pointed out to Cecilia a young man, who by his shirt, was a Carolina Prodigy - that's a cheering and dance team.  It gets better.  Last week, I saw a teenage boy whose shirt proclaimed that he was NOT 50, just 49 with experience - and his friend who apparently 'hearts' hot moms.  By far the best I've seen so far was the VERY elderly man whose bright pink shirt declared proudly in purple glitter glue that he was of the Girls of Grace.

Thanks for the laughs and keep the clothing drives going.  If you're not clothing someone or keeping a market lady in business, you're making some 'blanc' giggle.

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