31 May 2011


We have made some connections while we've been here, but mostly through Twitter and blogs.  One thing we considered when coming here was the vacuum of interpersonal relationships in a foreign land.  And while we have made 'connections' - there are not too many 'friendships'.

This is why we are so happy to be going to see our friends today!  You can read more about them on their site which I just linked there, but the Shaferlys have met a need in our lives and we're so grateful.  I think it may be mutual.  Elijah and Samuel are close in age and get along great!  Since Hannah has a brother, she fits right in too; and she loves Cecilia.  Perla and I just love Michael and Sara and the work they are doing here is awesome.  They build houses!

In Haiti terms, they live just around the corner.  So, we are going there today.  Yay!  Yes, the fact that we get a day off helps too.

I'll take some pictures.

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Warleen said...

Hi Family..Richard and I pray for you always. We are so inspired and encouraged by your ministry. Continue to forge ahead in the matchless name of our Lord and King…Jesus The Christ!!
Love you all \o/
Richard and Warleen