18 May 2011

Pray, Just Pray.

It is the rainy season in Haiti.  Usually it rains for a couple hours each evening. Yesterday, it rained in the afternoon and again at night.  Rain in Haiti is not ever just a passing shower.  It's not usually a mist or drizzle.  Rain in Haiti is always very tropical.  It is as if the skies open up and buckets pour down.  It is constant.  As quickly as it started, it stops.  There's no easing into it - no easing out of it.  The only warning we usually receive is the sight of the approaching clouds. Very. Ominous. Clouds.  The rain in Haiti is so well-known, that the other day, they shortened the Tuesday evening church service because it had started to rain.  "You all need to get home," they said.

I wanted to give you a little back ground, so that the next two pictures would have meaning for you - like they do for us.

The first photo is of the rain last night that POURED off our roof.  This photo is only about 6 inches worth of the edge of a roof that covers about 2000 square feet.  This was not the only area of our roof where the water drains off.  There are several.

 This was just one small portion of the rain that was POURING off of our roof last night.  It rained for 5 hours.  The water poured off the roof even after it had stopped raining. There was that much water.  The wind was constant and strong.  It was so strong that it was blowing the water sideways and in through the side of the window frames.  All the rooms in the back of the building had puddles on the tiled floors under the windows.

This is the tent 'city' behind our building just this morning.  

They don't have roofs.  

They don't have windows or window frames.  

They don't have tiled floors.   

Would you pray now, please?


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Cecilia said...

Praying! (and crying)

mcatherine said...

Been praying...never stopped since I left...