07 May 2011

"Tèt Ou Menm Bèl"

For all of you Kreyol Grammar fanatics...I know it's not correct, but it is exactly how it was said to me.

It has been a challenging couple of weeks.  Many decisions have been made - not all, by us.   Many actions have taken place, not all, by us.

The other day I was very hot and run down from a day of pothole surfing in the truck.  I went to shower and shaved my head.  It's always much cooler with a fresh shave.  A cold shower after a hot Haitian afternoon is the perfect physical respite.

Then I went outside to watch some basketball.  Yes, watch.  Spending time with these children on a cooling Haitian evening, with no phone, no office, no email, is the perfect emotional respite.

Just when I thought it couldn't get any better, along cames Makenn.  He's eight.  He's a twin.  He loves me.  I love him. As I sat on the cement block at the side of the basketball court, he stood beside me.

He started wiping my now sweating head.

"Tet ou menm bel"

"Your head is beautiful"

I started to cry.  OK. 'Can't cry courtside.'


"Thank you"

These children know just when to say the right thing.  They are conscientious and loving.  They deserve that the best decisions be made for them.

"Tet ou menm bel"


Sponsor a child.

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