09 May 2011

Wonderfully You

So we know this lady.  Ok, we more than just know her.  We consider her a very good friend and she is a great role model for our daughter.  She used to be in our church and then she moved.  We weren't so happy about that part.  She is very supportive of us in ministry.  We luuuhhhvvvv her.

We call her Ellen the Wise because of her very excellent counsel in matters of life, church, and general all around everything.  Even what may be the very simplest of questions will get a 'oh, that's good advice' answer from her. Best of all, she's quite humble about this ability. Not everyone listens to her counsel.  Their loss.  And she's not like this super-perfect lady either, ya know.  Yeah, did I mention that we weren't too happy about that moving away thing.

When are you coming to Haiti anyway, Ellen?

I said all of this by way of introduction.  She has started blogging. Just. Started.

Now, all of you blogging friends of ours know what a challenge it can be to stay regular with your blog - unless you have no life - in which case you have very little to blog about anyway, right?  So, pray for Miss Ellen and her new blog.  You can go and welcome her at her blog, "Wonderfully You"

And check back on her often.

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Ellen Beck said...

Oookay! So, you all still have this wonderful way of CATCHING ME OFF GUARD! No one told me I would need tissues while reading YOUR blog! Thank you. Thanks for the support, the prayers, the love and all! Love and hugs to the Sweeney family!