26 June 2011

"For Perla Lovers Everywhere" or "I'm Sorry, I Can't Make You ... Eggs ..."

I love my wife.

Anyone who knows her,
knows that she always puts others before herself.

The other morning
she went to make me eggs.

I was sitting at the computer doing some number stuff
I don't like that part of the 'job'.
But it's a must
and I usually get lost in it.

I hear, in a low voice,
"I'm-sorry-I can't-make-you...

I barely saw her enter the doorway.
I barely understood what she said.
I barely realized she was gagging.

I had to replay it in my head.

All that came out was.
"Oh, that's okay.  
You don't have to make me eggs
if you're throwing up."

Such a man.

I got up and went to the bathroom.

Sure enough she was dry heaving.

Apparently, she opened a bad egg.
It's a very possible occurrence in Haiti.
What is improbable is that my wife,
a nanny for most of her life, encountered something that made her react that way.

So, the next day,
I awake.

I smell eggs cooking.
I think, Aw, she's so sweet.

I go out and she has eaten them.

"I didn't think I was ever going to be able to eat eggs again."
"So I made myself do it.  I'm okay now."

"OK. Can you make me eggs today?"

Such a man.

"Sorry, we don't have anymore."

1 comment:

Les said...

Poor Perla. It must have been really nasty to make her throw up.