24 June 2011

Friday Fix

I have been driving a lot recently here in Haiti - challenged by those other long-termers who all drive themselves around.  Don't get me wrong, I realize how fortunate we are to have drivers for us.  It is very cool to have that in a country such as Haiti.

I realized at some point, that as we continue on the mission field - Haiti and otherwise, we may not have that luxury.  I also realized at about the same time, that I missed driving.  I am one of those who really likes driving.  I don't enjoy the long turnpike drives, but the city - New York is great driving - or even the backroad drives.  I used to take Elijah on this one dirt road in Martinsville, NJ to make him fall asleep when he was a baby.

Well, Haiti is just like that.  In fact Port-au-Prince is a huge city with lots of congestion all made up of dirt backroads, basically.  What fun!

So I started driving. In Port-au-Prince. That is not my Friday Fix.  Here it is.

I need a fix of people who actually PUSH THEIR BROKEN DOWN JALOPY TO THE SIDE OF THE ROAD.  No kidding.  They actually just leave it smack dab in the middle of the road, and usually right where there ARE NOT any potholes.  Yes, they cover the smooth part.  No really, right in the middle.

That's my Friday Fix.

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