27 June 2011

Haiti to Tighten Adoption Rules

Haiti to tighten adoption rules

I found this story posted somewhere on the twitterverse.  If you've seen the same story.  Don't get too excited.  The story, although not giving many details, seems very straightforward.  Let me say this, nothing here (Haiti) is straightforward.

In the President's attempt to establish a government, he is making decrees much like this one in other areas as well.  The parliament is giving him a hard time in setting up his government.  From what I understand, its because they are made up of a majority of his opposition.  Some have said that the job is quite a bit more difficult than "Sweet Mickey" bargained for.

In President Martelly's defense, he is at least doing SOMETHING, which is more than a lot of people (read: the opposition) expected.

As I read the short article however, I chuckled.  My experience with Haitian government offices and officials, while not extensive, has shown me that expediency is not a strong suit.  In order for all applications to go through authorized entities and do so in an orderly fashion, they are going to need computers.  No, really.  They need to computerize the Haitian society.  It would help so much.

This was not intended to be a political statement.  I know that there are friends of ours who would find this story interesting and even get excited about it. Um. hold off on that a little bit.  That's all I'm saying.

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