13 June 2011

Sweet Skills

"Sweet Skills" are things that you couldn't do before you entered the mission field that you can now do ONLY because you entered the mission field.

For example:  I can look at a number on a piece of paper and 'see' a totally different number.  1000 is NOT 1000, it's 200!  Ask me about the Haitian currency some day.

Another example: I can tell Elijah to sit still in 3 languages.  When Cecilia was growing up, she only had the privilege of two.


Ellen Beck said...

Awesome!!!! Love the blogs by Cecilia, by the way - can't figure out how to comment on them. Well, I probably can, but a little tired now. Keep 'em coming! :)

Ellen Beck said...

Awesome!!! Love the blogs by Cecilia, too, by the way. Will comment soon!