04 July 2011

Our Favorite Holiday

Independence Day is our favorite holiday.  We will miss celebrating it in the States this year.  We are fireworksaholics and anyone who knows us knows that we are usually going to the fireworks at any given weekend in summer.  There's more than just fireworks on the 4th, ya know.

Anyway, we wanted to post this to honor the US of A which we dearly love and, uh, ...yeah, we miss it.

God Bless America!

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Janette said...

Excellent video presentation! Thanks for sharing it with us. I pray that the Sweeney family has a blessed Independence Day. May God keep His hand upon the Republic! (If it's any consolation, fireworks are banned this 4th in our area because of drought, to prevent wild fires. We've had a burn ban since March; it's rained twice since I returned home from Houston in May. When I walk out on the lawn, the grass crunches underfoot.) Love to the family! You're constantly in my prayers.