19 August 2011

Friday Fix

The altar at Overflowing Life Christian Center.

This Friday, I need a fix of the altar at OLCC.

This Friday, as we draw closer to our return to the States, I find myself desiring more and more to be at the altar at OLCC.  If you have ever been there 'on business', you understand why.

I miss it a lot.  I have taken care of a lot of things there.  Yes, I can pray anywhere, but home is always better.

If you see me next week for the first time in almost a year, and I'm walking through the red doors (are they still red?), and I don't spend time to chat, please just excuse me.  I will be on my way to the altar, to do business with the King.

You may hear crying.  You may hear shouting.  Singing and screaming may come too.  Please just excuse me, while I'm at the altar, doing business with my King.

If my wife is with me at the altar, leave her be too.  My children won't have time to run and play.  The Sweeney family will be at the altar of OLCC doing business with the King.

We'll have time to catch up on stories, lives and happenings in your world and ours - but only after we're through, doing business with the King.

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