28 October 2011

Friday Fix

We're going to flip 'Friday Fix' on it's head this week.

We're going to make it a 'Friday First'.

Sometimes we crave things that we don't get here.  You can look at some other Friday Fixes to get an idea.  But this week, the children here experienced a first, which got me to thinking....

Anyway, we had pretzels.

Yup, that's all. It was pretzels.

We were having tuna salad sandwiches and the plates looked like they needed something extra.  Cecilia had recently come back from the States and brought some bags of hard pretzels.  I put some on each plate.

They loved them.

It was cool to see them put the pretzel up to their eyes like glasses - like we all did, right?

So, that's our Friday First - and it's the first Friday First.


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