08 November 2011

Tuesday Teachings

We are starting a new Tuesday post theme: Tuesday Teachings.

It's self explanatory really.  Posts on Tuesdays will be teachings from the Word.

So, here's the blog post line up so far:

Saturdays and/or Sundays: Weekend Worship - Posts, usually videos, to get you into the spirit of worship.
Tuesdays: Tuesday Teachings - Teachings from the Word of God.
Thursdays: Throwback Thursdays - reposts from our own former blogs - or those of friends - oldies but goodies.
Fridays: Friday Fix or Friday First - Things we miss about wherever we are not that week or what we or the children experience for the first time.

Anyone have any ideas for Mondays or Wednesdays?

Comment on the blog (not Facebook) with your ideas and we'll go from there.

We'll be starting Tuesday Teachings next week.

Next Tuesday: "Repentance - Part One"

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