24 November 2011

You Might be Celebrating Thanksgiving in Haiti if....

We had the opportunity to spend Thanksgiving with over 70 missionaries and NGO workers today.  The fellowship was awesome.  The food was divine.  The children had a great time.  It was fantastic to be able to spend time with others who 'get it' and are completely free about it.  Life in Haiti is no joke - life in Haiti as a 'blan' (non-Haitian) is no joke either.  Unless you've done it, you will never 'get it' - never.

To give us a little laughter before dessert - and now to give you all some insight you otherwise wouldn't have, the children of Heartline Ministries presented us with a "You Might be Celebrating Thanksgiving in Haiti if...." routine.

Here's the WHOLE routine.  I hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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