21 December 2011

Complete? Trust?

Genesis 6:22 
Noah did everything just as God commanded him.

Sometimes I wonder - and sometimes out loud to my wife: "What were we thinking?"

I think Noah may have wondered the same thing - somewhere in the journey.  Maybe as the lions were giving that sideways glance at the gazelles while saliva dripped from their jowls.  "This can't be right," he said.

What made me think we could do this?  What made me think that picking up the whole family (dog too) and moving to Haiti (of all places) was a good idea?  I mean Haiti is not the safest place in the world, ya know!  Most of the stuff I had heard about Haiti, I have had the (I wouldn't necessarily call it) good fortune to experience first hand.  I know there are many other missionaries that have been here way longer than we have, who probably would shake their heads at some of this apparent whining.

But seriously, I have heard more gunfire than I really would have ever cared to hear.  I have seen more riots than my white-middle-class upbringing ever afforded me.  And I have seen more lying-in-the-street-shot-dead-just-last-night (or in one case 3 minutes ago over my left shoulder) bodies than I ever thought possible.

What in the world was I thinking?  I mean, I can't blame any of this on Perla.  Any of you who really know her knows that she will go wherever I go and she's always got my back.  Although, her impeccable fortuitous character only makes doing something this ridunkulous easier to swallow.  "Sure, honey. Let's do it! I'm with you."  And off we went...to Haiti.

What made Noah keep doing what he was told to do?  What makes me (you) do what God has said do, even though there may be difficulties and challenges (and experiences that some people I know wouldn't even be able to watch on a reality show without cringing) in the midst of it all?

Trust. Trust in God.

Believe me, Haiti would never have been my choice.  No one but God could have gotten me


Do you place everything you have on only the promises of God?  All my eggs in one basket? Sure. As long as God is holding the basket.....or the ark.....or the family....or the ministry....or the.....

When we were preparing to go home from our fist assignment in Haiti, we sat in a guesthouse room, together as a family.  I looked at my family and said, "We did it."  And without skipping a beat, Elijah pipes up: "And we're gonna do it again!"

Well, as we prepare to go back home from our second assignment, even though it's earlier than we had planned, we are certain that the same remains true. "We did it. - and we're gonna do it again."  Though we may not be sure where we will be or how soon we will be there, we will be back on the mission field again - because God said, "Go."  We trust Him; no one else.


Complete. Trust.


John said...

Great message. Thanks!

Rogers said...

May the Lord bless every work you do my brother John towards furthering God's kingdom. The good thing with serving the Lord is that,He pays back! In His grace, Rogers.