30 June 2011

Throwback Thursdays

Throwback Thursdays will be past blog posts from old blogs of ours.  Once we run out of our own, maybe we'll pick on someone else.

Here's one from September 2008.  We would love to get the daughter's opinion now, 3 years later.  Maybe she'll blog about it.


I am not really sure how we got on the subject, but my teen daughter and I were discussing punishment and discipline. She had brought it up in our conversation. She mentioned that at a recent concert, she and some friends were discussing how they were disciplined and what kind they will dish out themselves to their own children. After recounting the humorous anecdotes of her friends' experiences, she goes on to list how they each decided to discipline their own.

She finishes with her plan..."I am just going to ground them."

OK, so when you stop laughing, realize this; in our home 'grounding' is staying in your room, not just not going out. Severe grounding means sitting on the edge of your bed with your hands folded; amount of time to be determined. It is still funny that she thinks this is all that will be necessary.

So I ask, "You're not going to spank your children?"

She replies, "Only if they deserve it, but I am going to start with grounding."

I say,"Two and three year-olds do not understand grounding, dear."

"Oh, well, I'll spank them."

Later in the day, as I recounted all of this to Mama, I thought of something else. I called daughter into the room.

"C", I said, "What will you do if your child does something wrong while grounded?"

"Well, they can't," she said, "They're grounded!"

"What happens when they are grounded and they write on the wall in their room while they're in there?"


She replies, "Oh, my kids won't be like that." 

Mama and I laughed ourselves to sleep I think.

So, I have some scriptures for you here:

Foolishness is bound in the heart of a child; but the rod of correction shall drive it far from him.
Proverbs 22:15

Withhold not correction from the child: for if thou beatest him with the rod, he shall not die.
Proverbs 23:13

Yes, the Bible says it.

And since we had such a good laugh today....

A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones.
Proverbs 17:22

29 June 2011

He Set Me Straight

Recently while reading a friend's blog, I was a little upset about how negative this person was about themselves.  In fact, they always had something negative to say about themselves within every post and how God had 'done something' in them.  

It just bothered me.  Maybe it wouldn't bother you.  But it bothered me.

Jump ahead.

Out of the blue, today, I decided to read some old blog posts from an old blog I have.

[Side note: I'm going to go through those old blogs and pick out some posts and re-post them as "Throwback Thursdays"]

Anyway, I started reading this post about the power we have and how great God is to have given it to us.  But in the post, I was negative about myself - much like my friend there.

So, today, He set me straight.  Fathers do that, ya know.

Thanks, Dad.

We all go through seasons.  Just because one is in a season that you have already forgotten doesn't make them any better than the one who is "ahead of the game".  Thank God He brought me through.  And what a great testimony to see that He is still doing the same for others.

28 June 2011

27 June 2011

Haiti to Tighten Adoption Rules

Haiti to tighten adoption rules

I found this story posted somewhere on the twitterverse.  If you've seen the same story.  Don't get too excited.  The story, although not giving many details, seems very straightforward.  Let me say this, nothing here (Haiti) is straightforward.

In the President's attempt to establish a government, he is making decrees much like this one in other areas as well.  The parliament is giving him a hard time in setting up his government.  From what I understand, its because they are made up of a majority of his opposition.  Some have said that the job is quite a bit more difficult than "Sweet Mickey" bargained for.

In President Martelly's defense, he is at least doing SOMETHING, which is more than a lot of people (read: the opposition) expected.

As I read the short article however, I chuckled.  My experience with Haitian government offices and officials, while not extensive, has shown me that expediency is not a strong suit.  In order for all applications to go through authorized entities and do so in an orderly fashion, they are going to need computers.  No, really.  They need to computerize the Haitian society.  It would help so much.

This was not intended to be a political statement.  I know that there are friends of ours who would find this story interesting and even get excited about it. Um. hold off on that a little bit.  That's all I'm saying.

26 June 2011

"For Perla Lovers Everywhere" or "I'm Sorry, I Can't Make You ... Eggs ..."

I love my wife.

Anyone who knows her,
knows that she always puts others before herself.

The other morning
she went to make me eggs.

I was sitting at the computer doing some number stuff
I don't like that part of the 'job'.
But it's a must
and I usually get lost in it.

I hear, in a low voice,
"I'm-sorry-I can't-make-you...

I barely saw her enter the doorway.
I barely understood what she said.
I barely realized she was gagging.

I had to replay it in my head.

All that came out was.
"Oh, that's okay.  
You don't have to make me eggs
if you're throwing up."

Such a man.

I got up and went to the bathroom.

Sure enough she was dry heaving.

Apparently, she opened a bad egg.
It's a very possible occurrence in Haiti.
What is improbable is that my wife,
a nanny for most of her life, encountered something that made her react that way.

So, the next day,
I awake.

I smell eggs cooking.
I think, Aw, she's so sweet.

I go out and she has eaten them.

"I didn't think I was ever going to be able to eat eggs again."
"So I made myself do it.  I'm okay now."

"OK. Can you make me eggs today?"

Such a man.

"Sorry, we don't have anymore."

Weekend Worship

24 June 2011

Friday Fix

I have been driving a lot recently here in Haiti - challenged by those other long-termers who all drive themselves around.  Don't get me wrong, I realize how fortunate we are to have drivers for us.  It is very cool to have that in a country such as Haiti.

I realized at some point, that as we continue on the mission field - Haiti and otherwise, we may not have that luxury.  I also realized at about the same time, that I missed driving.  I am one of those who really likes driving.  I don't enjoy the long turnpike drives, but the city - New York is great driving - or even the backroad drives.  I used to take Elijah on this one dirt road in Martinsville, NJ to make him fall asleep when he was a baby.

Well, Haiti is just like that.  In fact Port-au-Prince is a huge city with lots of congestion all made up of dirt backroads, basically.  What fun!

So I started driving. In Port-au-Prince. That is not my Friday Fix.  Here it is.

I need a fix of people who actually PUSH THEIR BROKEN DOWN JALOPY TO THE SIDE OF THE ROAD.  No kidding.  They actually just leave it smack dab in the middle of the road, and usually right where there ARE NOT any potholes.  Yes, they cover the smooth part.  No really, right in the middle.

That's my Friday Fix.

13 June 2011

Sweet Skills

"Sweet Skills" are things that you couldn't do before you entered the mission field that you can now do ONLY because you entered the mission field.

For example:  I can look at a number on a piece of paper and 'see' a totally different number.  1000 is NOT 1000, it's 200!  Ask me about the Haitian currency some day.

Another example: I can tell Elijah to sit still in 3 languages.  When Cecilia was growing up, she only had the privilege of two.

10 June 2011

Friday Fix

This week, John misses everything gyro.

I miss the way people look at me when I mis-pronounce it.

I miss asking for extra Tza-tziki sauce.

I miss the dripping of all the mixed juices flowing down my arm as I attempt to twist the foil even tighter.

I miss trying not to eat the foil.

I really miss the ones they serve at the Rutgers grease trucks - They are by far the best!

That's the Friday Fix for today.

(I was looking for a picture but realized I was going to torture myself if I continued)

04 June 2011

Weekend Worship

In a past blog, I had a "Weekend Worship" post.  
It seemed to minister to people 
(and myself), 
so I'm implementing it here also.

From our original "Weekend Worship" post:

From now on we will post videos on Saturdays and Sundays from YouTube or similar sites. These videos will mostly be in the genre of Praise and Worship. Enjoy the presence of God in your walk.

And now, Weekend Worship, with Bebo Norman:

Friday Fix

Fridays I am going to post an entry about what I (or we) miss most about the US by being in Haiti. Of what thing do I need a fix; a "Friday Fix"?  I had the perfect idea about what to post for the first entry, but I couldn't because the internet was down.

So, for this first entry, I could use a fix of reliable internet - oh, you have no idea.