15 January 2012

It Burns so Hot!

And when the LORD saw that he turned aside to see, God called unto him out of the midst of the bush, and said, Moses, Moses. And he said, Here am I.
Exodus 3:4

Photo Credit: Realistic Imaginations
Moses was just carrying out his everyday work.  That's when God will show up; when we're going through the monotony of everyday life.  On the job, at school, in your commute - God will speak.

He was guarding the flock as he did every day.  God showed up.  But He didn't speak until Moses showed that he was interested in what God was doing.  Do we ever see God doing something extraordinary but don't show interest?  Sometimes we become preoccupied with our everyday life and don't bother to notice.  Maybe we don't have time to stop and look or listen.  Maybe we have grown too accustomed to God's moves in our life that the extraordinary seems just ordinary now.  When God shows up. We have to show our interest if He is going to speak.  We may miss our appointment if we don't.

Finally, God used the unexpected to speak to Moses.  How is it that you are expecting God to speak?  Are you expecting Him to speak through His Word, your prayer time, your pastor?  All those are definitely ways that God speaks - and they're good ways too.  But, what do we do when God tries to speak to us through

your parent?
                  your child?
                                  a street person?
                                                          a missionary's blog?

Do we listen?  Do we follow?

If Moses hadn't listened; if he hadn't followed, a whole nation would have stayed in bondage.

Would God have found someone else? Probably.  Would Moses have been blessed that way? Nope.  He was who God had planned all along to do the job.

If you recognize that God is doing something spectacular, are willing to listen and follow, you may just set a whole nation free.  Lord knows there are enough nations that need it.


John said...

Thanks John,
The Lord often speaks to me through your blogs. I hope that you will continue to blog when you return to the States.

John said...

I will continue to blog - at least that's the plan.

We're really going to miss you guys.