13 January 2012

The Old Rugged Cross

[Warning: This post is linktastic]

I was out on the road today.  Usually when you are out and about in Port-au-Prince, there are great opportunities to see some very funny, interesting, or inappropriate t-shirts.

I once saw a 70 year old-ish man with a bright pink shirt that said "Calvary Girls Rule".  Once I saw a young boy with a too-large shirt that said "I Love my Italian Girlfriend".

Today, I saw a young man with a shirt that had Brad Paisley's face on it.  Brad Paisley is a country music artist.  I only knew that by the way he was displayed in full western regalia on the shirt.  Country music is not a big draw here in Haiti, in case you hadn't guessed, so it was an unusual shirt to see, albeit not quite as funny as others I have seen.

Just a little while ago, while catching up on email during our daily electricity allotment, I was also listening to Elijah Streams.

The song, "The Old Rugged Cross" came on.  I started to cry.

First, Elijah Streams doesn't play a lot of older gospel tunes, so it was unusual.

Second, I have always loved the lyrics since I became born-again.

Third, it's been a couple of very emotional days here.  We desperately miss "The Mama", yet are a bit sad to be leaving the children here - we have become like family too.

So what do the t-shirts have to do with it?

I decided I was going to post a Old Rugged Cross video tonight on the blog.  When I googled it, the first one to come up was by Brad Paisley - the guy on the t-shirt.  Who'd-a-thunk-it?

So, here's "The Old Rugged Cross" as performed by Brad Paisley. :-)

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