17 February 2012

...but I am Still Double Proud

Cecilia has a blog here.  She has struggled on and off with what to blog, how much to blog, if to blog.  She has gone on breaks from blogging and come back again.  In the middle of all of this, she has turned 18 - a challenge in anyone's book.

We have all made mistakes when growing up.  She is doing well.  I know in my own more recent "growing up" experiences (so what if I'm in my 40's?!), I have made mistakes also.  Haven't we all?  Cecilia, you're not alone in the learning curve.  You just can't see us because we are around the curve, but we're there.

Anyway, Cecilia's most recent post is very well written and spoke volumes to me.  I am glad she wrote it.  I have posted it here, so it can speak to you too.

Double Lives Means Double MealsBy Cecilia As teens we want to be able to make our own decisions (no matter how destructive), live our own lives (without limits), to choose words (no matter how profane). If we feel restricted or stifled by someone, we defy. Some of us rebel in a way that can be seen. We’re told to do one thing and we intentionally do it the opposite way. Others, are more subtle in their defiance. We form another life. Secret and unseen. Within it we are who we want to be, without another’s influence on us.

As I think about my past I ponder:There’s a problem, though, with this second life. It has no rules, limits or boundaries. When living a life without the protection of wisdom and reason self destruction is inevitable. Yep, it may seem like freedom now, but in the long run the things I did: broke the trust, rose the guilt and took me far from God. Before I knew it, I didn’t know who “Cecilia” was. Was she the “good girl” who listened to the latest Christian music releases? Or was she that girl who secretly did things that would keep her from sleeping at night? Nope. She was both. I was burdened with living two lives. Two very real lives but two very real lies. Long story short, this is what I did:But have renounced the hidden things of dishonesty, not walking in craftiness, nor handling the word of God deceitfully; but by manifestation of the truth commending ourselves to every man’s conscience in the sight of God. 2 Corinthians 4:2 
I renounced it and thanked God for his redeeming power along with super supportive parents. My life isn’t perfect nowadays. I have my mistakes, my bad decisions, but I live one life now.  And if I pursue something that might introduce “another” life, I get back in check.  Because really, who wants to eat 6 meals a day...double meals?  

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Anonymous said...

Hello John,and all the Sweeny family.Sounds like childs play,but it isn't. We all sin and come short of the Lord,daily.What a wonderful family you are,and you should be proud of your children.Thank God he brought me thru those growingup years and didn't kill me!!Love to all Les.