06 March 2012

Tuesday Teachings "Focus" Part Three

In these previous posts, we talked about how when there is a work to be done, distractions will come. 

We talked about how one of those distractions is sin; represented in the story of Nehemiah by Sanballat.

Let's move on now to the next distraction that will come: Tobiah. It is found in the same passage; Nehemiah 4:1-3

Tobiah - pleasing to Jehovah, the “servant”

Tobiah is the believer; your co-laborer in Christ. Tobiah is the one that is supposed to be on your side. Tobiah is the one who says "Praise the Lord!" to your face, and talks about you behind your back. Tobiah is your fellow laborer sneaking around to get in the other door before you and then smiling at you once you're in the room together.

This is not to say that fellow believers should never be trusted. On the contrary, we are supposed to be of the same mind. (1Cor 2:16). But Tobiah-minded believers say that even though you are doing the work, it will fail. They wish you failure. I do not understand this at all. Why, if indeed they claim to have the same interests at heart, the same goals to achieve, would they wish failure upon you? 

I accept the fact that perhaps they may not agree with the method, or the plan, but to wish failure upon your co-laborer is plain wrong.

"Well, John", you say. "Tobiah wasn't a co-laborer." Yup. You're right. However, Mr. Pleasing-to-Jehovah was an Ammonite.

Ammonites were descendants of Ammon, the son of Lot. Along with the Moabites, this tribe hired Balaam to curse Israel. They were, through Lot, closely related to the Israelites through blood and language.

And God is using the one named Tobiah to draw a picture for us today.  He wants us to have an understanding of His Word.  He is making it plain.

Let's move on.

So after Nehemiah prays, we see this verse:

So built we the wall; and all the wall was joined together unto the half thereof: for the people had a mind to work.
Nehemiah 4:6

Why is it that the wall was able to be built, halfway completed, even though there were these distractions and oppositions? Because the people had a mind to work

You can get a lot done if you have a mind to work. You can get even more done if those that are with you have a mind to work. You can get people to do extraordinary things as long as you and they have a mind to work. You can beat the oppostion if you have a mind to work.

You can reach the unreachable.

You can do the impossible.

You can beat the enemy.

You can overcome every obstacle...

if you have the mind to work.

When the people have a mind to work, they can.

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