23 May 2012

Feeling Cloudy?

Then the cloud covered the Meeting Tent and the Glory of the LORD filled the Holy Tent. Moses could not go into the Meeting Tent because the cloud had settled on it, and the Glory of the LORD had filled the Holy Tent. When the cloud rose from the Holy Tent, the Israelites would begin to travel. But when the cloud stayed on the Holy Tent, the people did not try to move. They stayed in that place until the cloud rose. So the cloud of the LORD was over the Holy Tent during the day, and at night there was a fire in the cloud. So all the Israelites could see the cloud while they traveled.
Exodus 40:34-38 ERV

Low lying clouds are classified as fog.  Fog hinders sight.

When the cloud had settled on the Tent of Meeting, the Israelites did not travel.  They stayed put.  When the cloud lifted, that's when they moved.

If things are not clear to you considering where God wants you to move, it may be that He just wants you to be still for a while.  Why keep trying to move on if God himself is being still.  It is when He rested on the Tent of Meeting that His Presence was there.

Stay put, right where you are, and enjoy His Presence while you are waiting for Him to make His next move.

"...at night, there was a fire in the cloud."

It is in that darkest moment that, in His Presence, you will experience the Fire of God.  Thank God for the dark times when He allows us to just be in His Presence and He will give us sight and vision.

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