15 May 2012

Feelings - Part Two

So, as I was considering the young lady's testimony mixed in with the 70's song playing in my head, I got to thinking.

The lyrics start:

"Feelings. Nothing more than feelings."

And then it pretty much goes downhill from there as you saw in the last post.

And then I thought about God.

I hear a lot of times that the Holy Spirit is not just a feeling.  That's true. He is NOT "Feelings. Nothing more than feelings."  He is actually "Feelings. So much more than feelings."  But he IS feelings.

Believers can be so unsure sometimes about the Will for God for their lives.  We think that since He is God, then He must have some sure-fire way to lead us, right?  It must be so much more than a feeling, no?

Not much.

If you adhere to the Word of God and get it in you to the degree that you can recognize when something does not line up with it, then all you need is the "feeling".  We have dressed it up, don't ya know?

"God placed it on my heart."

"I sensed a leading."

"In my spirit, I..."

"I just believe that..."


Those are all talking about feelings.

The Holy Spirit made you feel a certain way when you received Christ.  And then you moved.

That is how He communicates with believers.

How is it that we can figure this out and translate it to a feeling:


or this


We do it without any thought at all.

But when it comes to communicating with God, we lose it?

Trust God.

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