09 May 2012

Kenbe Fem

The people saw that a long time had passed and Moses had not come down from the mountain. So they gathered around Aaron. They said to him, "Look, Moses led us out of the land of Egypt, but we don't know what has happened to him. So make us some gods to go before us and lead us." 
Exodus 32:1 ERV

The Haitians say "Kenbe fem": "hold on" or "stand firm".

Too bad Aaron wasn't Haitian.

It seems that the enemy knows when we are at our most vulnerable - our weakest.  He always strikes at the right (wrong) time.

As long as everything is going well; all the bills are paid on time, our health is great, our children are doing well in school and in life, then the trials of life don't bother us so much.  At those times, we are not indecisive.  At those times, we don't doubt ourselves OR God.  At those times, we float along in bliss.
Photo Credit: Beyond Hope 23

As soon as it seems that God is taking His time; here comes the tempter.  A sure-fire money maker, a little help from my friends (that will cost me later!), some new health secret advertised on late night TV that ONLY costs $99.99!  It's in the rough times that doubt and fear rear their ugly heads.  That's when, for sure, we start believing, like the Israelites, that we need to take matters into our own hands.

But if when we are not in the glorious dance on the free side of the Red Sea, we could just Kenbe Fem, God would show us that He was still there the whole time - working on our behalf on the mountaintop, while we were in the valley below.

Are things not going as planned?  Does it seem as though you are moving without the unction of God?  Are things less exciting than when you started the journey?

Kenbe Fem! - to Him.

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