14 May 2012

A New Series

There are several series of posts here on the blog.  They are:

2e - Scripture passage posts (sharper than a double edged (2e) sword)

Friday Fix (aka Friday Firsts) - posts about something we miss from wherever we are not and things we have tried or done or seen for the first time.

Sunday Breakfast Links - links to friends blogs or interesting items on the web.

Throwback Thursdays - Teachings or re-posts from the past that are still relevant - from our blog or someone else's

Tuesday Teachings - Teachings from the Word of God

Weekend Worship - Music and Videos posted to usher us into His Presence for worship.

I will be adding another series called "The Word to the World".  In blogging on matters concerning God and the Christian faith as they pertain to our own lives, I have been careful to not blog on political matters, although they interest me greatly.  Political blogs inherently draw a lot of argument and strife.  I'm not interested in that.  As believers however, we are to be God's voice to this dying world in all matters.  Although my own opinions are many, I am going to refrain from posting them.  I will utilize God's Word to speak to the current political atmosphere.

Let's start by saying that I believe the Word of God is exactly that - His Word to man.  I am not ever going to debate it.  I believed it by faith and He has proven it to me by experience.  He speaks to every situation through His Word.  It is that Word that I will be presenting in each post - His Word, speaking to the World's situations.

I feel, that in a very important election year, two things must happen: God must be heard on the issues and God's people must vote.

Comments on this blog are moderated, so if you want your comment posted, please be respectful.  It helps if you agree with me on every point too. :-)

So stay tuned for "The Word to the World (WTTW)", coming soon!

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