11 May 2012

Your Past is Exactly That.

Then the man said to Jacob, "Let me go. The sun is coming up." But Jacob said, "I will not let you go. You must bless me." And the man said to him, "What is your name?" And Jacob said, "My name is Jacob." Then the man said, "Your name will not be Jacob. Your name will now be Israel. I give you this name because you have fought with God and with men, and you have won." 

Genesis 32:26-28 ERV

Jacob dissed everyone.

He disrespected his Father.  He disrespected his brother.  He will disrespect his sons. 

I can imagine his face, as his 10 sons come with Joseph's bloody coat.  Is this my harvest?  Is this what I have earned in my life. Well, yes.  But Jacob was a good wrestler.  He knew how to fight - and win.

The man that he fights with says to him that he has fought with God and men.  Well, where was that Bible story?  Did I miss something?  Did I stay home from church that day?

But I see do see where Jacob wrestled with man.  He wrestled himself.  

Sometimes in order to receive the blessing that God has waiting for us on the other side of the river, we need to wrestle ourselves out of ourselves.  Sometimes we need to wrestle ourselves into forgiveness, into deliverance, into repentance.  

Jacob stayed back for a reason, and it wasn't just because he wasn't sure as to how Esau would receive him.  Jacob stayed back to wrestle through some stuff; mainly, his past.

Are you wrestling with yourself?

Are you wrestling with God?

Stay in the fight!

He will change your name and assign your destiny.

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