07 August 2012

Mine Clearance (aka Mind Clearance)

Warning: This post will be incomplete, because...
We started a series this past week at OLCC on "The Power of the Cross" which led me to this devotion.  If you're in the Lehigh Valley area next Sunday morning stop by for the next message in the series.

 And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God. Romans 12:2 KJV

The US military operates mine clearance operations during times of combat as well as during peacetime.  Mines are explosive devices hidden underground by the enemy with the intention of a surprise attack aimed at killing.  A mine field can be set in a larger area.  A mine field is a area of ground where multiple mines are buried out of sight.  In addition to death, the slowing or stopping of the advancing army is the goal of a mine field.

From Wikipedia regarding mine clearance:

The military priority is to breach the minefield quickly in order to create a safe path for troops ... speed is vital, both for tactical reasons and because units attempting to breach the minefield may be under enemy fire 
.. mines must be removed, although only in the lanes through which troops or vehicles are planned to advance 
... they are often aided by technical intelligence on the current adversary's mines, which are usually of a single type 
... In times of relative peace, the process of mine removal is referred to as demining. This is a thorough, time-intensive process that seeks to locate all mines so that the land or sea area may be safely returned to normal use. It is vital that this process be exhaustive. Even if only a small handful of mines remain undiscovered, incomplete demining can actually lead to an increase in civilian mine casualties as local people re-occupy an area they previously avoided in the belief that it has been made safe.
There's a lot there.  Let me draw the parallel and then we will go back and look at the parts I underlined.

In the simplest form: Land mines in the natural world are equivalent to wicked works in the spiritual realm.

And you, that were sometime alienated and enemies in your mind by wicked works, yet now hath he reconciled Colossians 1:21 KJV

You've been walking with God for a while now.  You know he has set you free. You believe it.  You have faith for it. You KNOW it. No doubts.

But, as you go through life, walking with God ready to re-occupy an area you previously avoided in the belief that it has been made safe, BOOM!

Where did that come from?  I thought my finances (marriage, addictions, habits, tongue) were under control!

Well, that's alright.  At least you're still here with us.  Now let's get to some mine clearance.

Fortunately, you have, in His Word, the intelligence on the current adversary's mines that you need in order to safely return the area of your mind to normal use and you can be exhaustive this time.  By the blood and the Power of the Cross, you can clear a safe path for His advancing troops in our lives.

It's important to renew your mind (Rom 12:2), so that as you walk with Him, you and Christ will be of one mind. 

No land mines.

No surprises.


NOTE: Contrary to the post's poetic title, "mind clearance", or the clearing of your mind is not a biblical practice.  It is a new-age practice that stands in opposition to the Word of God.  As we see in the first scripture, we are to renew our minds.  Also scripture teaches that we are to have the mind of Christ.  No where does it tell us to clear our minds for any reason.

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