16 November 2012

Which One?

God saw that the light was good; and God separated the light from the darkness.
Genesis 1:4 NASB

One of the simplest lessons on how to live holy is given to us by God in the very beginning. 

He told us from the start. 

In Second Corinthians, Paul reminds us that light and darkness have no fellowship with each other.  Do I mean they can't exist together.  Not exactly.  They don't exist together.  That's even more being said, then.

If I were to tell you that they can't exist together, that may imply that you could at least attempt it.  But the fact is that they simply do not exist together.  Each morning as the earth turns on its axis and your place on this spinning globe meets the point where the sun's light is shining, the previous darkness flees; disappears; ceases to exist.

Likewise as you spin into the absence of the sun's light, the darkness encroaches once again.

They do not exist together.

Likewise, then in our own lives.  That which is light can not exist with that which is darkness.

OK. So, which is which?

Jesus said that he is the light of the world.  In Genesis 1:4, God said that the light was good.  Having established the impossibility of light and darkness existing together, that would indicate that darkness is then, inherently, bad.

So, what is it in our own lives that is light or darkness?  Who is it?  Where is it?

It is not that God can not exist in my life together with sin when it is present, it is simply that He does not.

When I sense that there is a lack of God; His Presence, His anointing, I wonder if there is something I am not doing.  More frequently though, it is because of something I am doing - and that being fellowshipping with darkness.  

Whether sin be by action, thought or deed.  It all bears darkness, not light.  

For He is the light.

He is good.

He has been separated from the darkness.

The question is: Have we?

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