29 July 2013

Not Blogging.... Writing!

So, if you were used to reading the blog or listening to the podcasts here, you may have been wondering what happened.

Due to technical difficulties, which have since been overcome, we were unable to continue the podcasts here.  The good news is that they will start again with a re-post of episode 1 of the "What Happened?" series ~ oh, the irony.

As far as the blogging portion of the site, I have been focusing my attention on other tasks, not the least of which is a book.

In 2003, I published a book in Spanish entitled "Quien Soy Yo?"  This book was written for the sole purpose of evangelistic work we would be doing on our trip to Paraguay at that time.

I have nearly completed the English version of this book and it will soon go to the publisher.  "Who Am I?" is a primer for the new believer.  It is not however only for new believers!  It is a very helpful scripture keys book for the church body.

Stay tuned to the site for information on pre-ordering your own copy soon!

Watch also for the Spanish version!

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