07 October 2013

Your Tongue Has Hands

Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof.
Pro 18:21

What is death?

Death would be, most simply, the absence of life.  Disease and illness are death, not life.  Poverty is death, not life.  Hatred is death, not life.  "You're stupid!" is death, not life.

But do we know what death looks like?  Do we know what it looks like before it actually has taken over the place of life.  First, we can say that death can not exist where life has not previously existed,  That will be comforting in a moment.

I have a plant that a friend gave me to take care of. Well, let's say I had a plant ~ because as of now, it's dead.

But before it died, it was alive. I had placed it outside with the rest of my plants for the summer.  It was doing well.  Then it got hot; too hot.  This plant began to shrivel.

I watered it more; too much.  The plant began to droop.

I brought it back inside. Too late.

I put it by a nice window. But it was too far gone.  Death had taken over. 

My apologies to Graciela.

You see, there comes a point where you recognize that life is less and death is more.  If life doesn't increase, death will.  And death will overtake life, and win.

What is life?  Conversely, life is the absence of death.  Healing is life.  Wealth is life.  Love is life.  "You're smart and intelligent!" is life.

Life is represented by, can be identified by, growth.  There was a point, after I brought that plant in, when I saw some new leaves sprouting.  I really thought it had a chance. "That plant's dead!" they said.  "No! Look at these little buds!  They're green!" I said.  I had hope.

You see, if there is growth, there is life.  I knew that.

Death and Life are in the Power...

This word 'power', in the original language speaks of being ‘in the hand’.

“It’s in your hands now.”

When I am given a task to do, whether in ministry or at work or even something on my honey-do list, once I am given it, it's my responsibility.  It's in my hands.

If I gave you a button and told you that this button was programmed to do something when pressed, would you press it? 

Would you press this button without knowing its power?

Well, THAT power, whatever it may be, would be in your hands.  It's like the saying: "The ball is in your court."

I taught Cecilia this concept growing up. I am currently teaching Elijah this. It's a way of teaching them about responsibility and accountability.

When you have power; when it's in your hands, you have a responsibility.  You carry the weight of the actions you take with that responsibility and in most cases, you will answer, or be accountable to someone for what you did.

So, the responsibility of death and life are in the hands of your tongue.  The responsibility of spreading death or life is in the hands of your tongue.

To be continued...

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