17 October 2017

Man Up! It needs to be said.

This one is for the men.  Ladies, while I'm sure you can get something from today's post, it's really for the men.  Please feel free to pass it along to the man you love - be it your father, your son, your husband or your pastor.
The families from the tribe of Levi were not counted with the other Israelites. The LORD had told Moses: "Don't count the men from the tribe of Levi or include them with the other Israelites. Tell the Levites that they are responsible for the Tent of the Agreement. They must take care of that tent and everything that is with it. They must carry the Holy Tent and everything in it. They must make their camp around it and take care of it. 

Numbers 1:47-50 ERV

If you find this amusing, it's not.
You don't have to watch too much TV before you see him.  He may be in a commercial or two.  He's frequently in a sitcom.  Some sitcoms even focus around him as the main character.  Oh, he's so funny! No he's not.

He can be found in mystery movies.  You may even know him personally.  Some great Hollywood star?  Nope.  I'm talking about the loser.

The loser. The buffoon. The idiot. The moron. The emasculated male.

Personally, I'm tired of seeing him.  He has however infiltrated our society to the extent that men I know who are NOT him really see themselves as him, only because others see him that way.  It's the way we men are expected to be these days.  This is due mainly in part to how he is portrayed in the media.  Oh, the media.

I am not him.  I, like the Levite, am set apart.  I have a high calling.

Today's man has a destiny far above what the societal norms are calling for.  Believing men in particular, are called to be leaders; leaders in their families, leaders in ministry, leaders in the community.  Leaders, who lead.

Like the Levite, we are called to be men of God.  The task may not always be glorious, but the reward will be.  The Levites were given the assignment of cleaning the temple.  Doesn't sound too bad?  Well, basically they mopped up blood - all kinds of blood.

The Levites were born into their positions and groomed to serve.  They worked hard at their ministry and calling.  Today's man of God has many callings; husband, father, pastor, mentor, teacher, guide - the list goes on but nowhere does that list include moron or loser.  All of his callings are righteous.  He is to always put God in the first place and serve him with all of his heart.

If you find this over-spiritual, it's not.
Not every man's true calling will bring great glory.  There may be one who has a more high-profile job, or makes more money.  But you may be raising a national leader and need to be at home watching over him more closely instead of traveling with your company as the other man's job will require.

Do not give in or submit to the expectations of this world's crazy culture.  Instead focus on what God has planned for you and walk toward the fulfillment of THAT vision.

If we all lived like God would have us look, the world may start seeing men differently - the way God intended.

Thanks to ladies for carrying the ball all of the times they did, but now, it's time for the man of God to be exactly that.

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11 October 2017

He Set Me Straight

Recently while reading a friend's blog, I was a little upset about how negative this person was about themselves.  In fact, they always had something negative to say about themselves within every post and how God had 'done something' in them.  

It just bothered me.  Maybe it wouldn't bother you.  But it bothered me.

Jump ahead.

Out of the blue, today, I decided to read some old blog posts from an old blog I have.

Anyway, I started reading this post about the power we have and how great God is to have given it to us.  But in the post, I was negative about myself - much like my friend there. Yeah.

So, I guess today, He set me straight.  Fathers do that, ya know.

Thanks, Daddy.

We all go through seasons.  Just because one is in a season that you have already forgotten doesn't make them any better than the one who is "ahead of the game".  Thank God He brought me through.  And what a great testimony to see that He is still doing the same for others.

03 October 2017

Maybe You Should Just Swallow a Glowstick

When Moses came down from Mount Sinai, he carried the two stone tablets of the Agreement. Because he had talked with the Lord, his face was shining, but he did not know it.  Exodus 34:29
Moses was glowing.  He had been with God.
Photo Credit: The Hendricks

When you spend time with God, what do other people see?  When you do NOT spend time with God, what do other people see?

The scripture says that Moses didn't know that he was glowing.  If he was not aware that he was shining, then it's safe to say that he would not know if he was NOT shining.

Spending time with God is important. Well, duh.  No, really. It's important, not just for us, not just for God.  It's important for others.

Sometimes I will be in the supermarket and I will see a person and I just know that they have been with God.

God is attractive.  If you want to draw people closer to God*, then spend more time in His Presence.  It will make you more attractive.  I strive to spend time with God.  I thoroughly enjoy His Presence.  My wife spends time with God.  People enjoy being around us (I think) - not because we are such great company, but because of His Presence.

Get a face lift today.  Get in His Presence.

Or just swallow a glowstick.

*all believers should have a desire to draw people closer to God.