11 October 2017

He Set Me Straight

Recently while reading a friend's blog, I was a little upset about how negative this person was about themselves.  In fact, they always had something negative to say about themselves within every post and how God had 'done something' in them.  

It just bothered me.  Maybe it wouldn't bother you.  But it bothered me.

Jump ahead.

Out of the blue, today, I decided to read some old blog posts from an old blog I have.

Anyway, I started reading this post about the power we have and how great God is to have given it to us.  But in the post, I was negative about myself - much like my friend there. Yeah.

So, I guess today, He set me straight.  Fathers do that, ya know.

Thanks, Daddy.

We all go through seasons.  Just because one is in a season that you have already forgotten doesn't make them any better than the one who is "ahead of the game".  Thank God He brought me through.  And what a great testimony to see that He is still doing the same for others.

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