About John & Perla

John and Perla Sweeney are a dynamic couple with a passion for people around the world to come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Today they experience the blessings of a sweet marriage, obedient children, a prosperous business, and the privilege of having served the people of Haiti on the mission field, but the road to this blessed life was not always easy.

John Sweeney was raised in a believing household, but by his teen years he had chosen a rebellious lifestyle along with drug and alcohol abuse that continued well into his twenties.  While putting on a show of serving God for those in the church, secretly he was really cursing God in word and deed.  After the death of his father in 1992, God gave John a second chance.  He took that opportunity to dedicate his life to God, but still sat on the fence about living holy for God for several years.  In 1995 John realized the call that God had on his life, and decided that there was no more turning back.  He entered the ministry and has never looked back since.  John has served as an evangelist, lay pastor, worship leader, missionary and choir director. He has preached and witnessed on the streets in various U.S. cities, including New York City, preached in prisons, and taught evangelism and discipleship courses.  John is fluent in English and Spanish and has taught Spanish at the elementary level in the United States, as well as served as an elementary school chaplain.  John is known as an anointed teacher and preacher, and has shared the Word internationally, having ministered in the United States, Mexico, Paraguay, Jamaica, Honduras and Haiti. He is currently the Director of Worship Church International serving under the leadership of Worship Church Lead Pastor Bob Sharpe.

Perla Sweeney was born in the beautiful, yet poor and developing  country of Paraguay, in the heart of South America.  She started work at the age of eight to support her siblings so that they could continue their education.  Perla has extensive experience with children, having worked as a nanny for more than 20 years in Paraguay and the United States.  Shortly after coming to the U.S., Perla came to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and gave her heart fully to Him.  Perla is known for her servant's heart, and while they are stateside you will always be able to find her working in some capacity alongside her husband in the various ministries of Worship Church.  She has headed up hospitality ministries, as well as nurseries and various other children's ministries.  She, like her husband, has preached in prisons and evangelized on city streets around the world.  Perla is a shining example of the Proverbs 31 woman as a loving wife, mother and business owner.

What are at the heart of John and Perla’s ministry? John's heart longs for the Body of Christ to be united, and to truly learn what it means to honor God. Perla is an anointed warrior in prayer, and she prays to get results. Together, they are committed to spreading the Gospel of Peace, the Power of Pentecost and the Presence of God throughout the world with signs and wonders following them that believe.

On a personal level, in a world where commitment in marriage is often viewed as optional, John and Perla are committed to be together until Christ returns or takes them home. Watching their son, Elijah, serve God along with them in ministry brings them some of their greatest joys. Their daughter, Cecilia attended Rhema Bible Training College in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma where she met her husband, Joshua.  She & Josh share a strong desire to serve God and be the example for others.  Elijah has been involved in all aspects of children's and youth ministries at the fellowships he has been privileged to attend with his parents, both as a participant and in serving. He is also active on a traveling Youth Soccer team.

From 2010 through 2011, John and Perla served as full-time missionaries at Christian Haitian Outreach, Inc. in Carrefour, Haiti.  This experience served as a training ground for future ministry in missions.  From 2011 through 2012, John and Perla were instrumental in establishing Love Haiti's Children's Home and Missionary Guest House in the Butte Boyer neighborhood of the La Plaine area of Port-au-Prince, Haiti.  John was administrator of the ministry in Haiti, working alongside Perla and Cecilia.  The whole family worked together in a variety of areas with Haitian staff to make the home a wonderful place full of love and care for each child they served.  They also fulfilled the roles of host missionaries for the Guest House.  Along with Elijah, the whole family continues to give their lives in service to the King wherever He calls.

Worship Church International was launched in April, 2016 as the intercultural & international missions arm of Worship Church with John as its Director. As a Spirit-empowered ministry, currently working with established missionaries in Zambia and Costa Rica, the priority of WCI is worship to God; hosting His Presence in every region. 

Professional Life

The Sweeneys own and operate a residential maid service and a janitorial company; Northeast Maid Services and Northeast Janitorial Services Their top priority is to provide the quality cleaning services their customers deserve and to exceed their expectations. Having served Central New Jersey and Northeast Pennsylvania since 1999, the Sweeneys have long-time customers who will attest to their quality standards.  John and Perla strive to carry out all of their business dealings with the integrity that would be expected of ministers of His Gospel.  The income from these businesses contributes in part to the support of the Sweeney family in their continuing ministries.